On April 11, 1981, Feathered Friends, Etc. opened its doors in what is now the Delray Shopping Center, Bridge Street, New Hope. Feathered Friends, Etc. remained in that center until 1990, when we moved to Logan Square. After a few years, Feathered Friends, Etc. evolved into New Hope Pet Center.

During high tides, water would flow directly into the pools from the nearby ocean, recycling the two million US gallons of water in about an hour.

During low tides, a powerful turbine water pump, built inside a cave at sea level, could be switched on from a control room and could fill the tanks at a rate of 6,000 US gallons a minute, recycling all the water in five hours.

Photo of a dusk skyline above a grassy rockface covered in trees.
Photo of the sea and sky on the horizon with the foundations of a demolished house.
Photo of the sea with mist covering the rocky formations near the shore.
Photo of the foundations of a building on a cliff overlooking a lighthouse.

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